Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Before & After (kinda)

Here you can see what the improved Steenbergen deck looks like. I didn't take a picture of before, but I took a picture of their neighbor's deck, since it looks similar to what theirs looked like before. So if anybody out there needs someone to strip, clean, & stain their deck, I'll do it for $1,000- unless it's large, then $2,000.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Staining the Deck

Sam's Mom, Sam, and I decided before father's day that we would re-stain their deck as a father's day gift. I'm not exactly sure who came up with that idea...but let me advise anybody out there thinking about doing the same thing: Don't.

Last week we started stripping the old stain off, which took forever, required scrubbing, and stunk in general. I believe it took three longer days last weekend just to finish stripping the old stain off. I called my Mom at one point (since she's in charge of deck care at home) and asked her how to strip the stain off, because the way I was doing it was long & difficult. She said that she never strips the deck, just cleans and reseals.

Once the stripping was finally done, the cleaning part was pretty easy. Spray on the cleaner, let it sit, spray it off with a garden hose.

We started applying the stain this Friday (June 23), and Sunday morning we finally finished. The deck has too many spindles on the railing, and way too much lattice work. If the deck had just been large flat surfaces all the way around, it would've been much easier to finish.

The upside is that the deck is now done, and it looks really good. Several people walking by have commented on how good the deck looks. Maybe I'll have to put a picture of it on here, just so everybody can share in the misery we went through. :)


Sam is enjoying a round of mini-golf. I think at the point we stopped playing, Sam, Sean, and I were all tied with the best score.

Mini-Golf & Culvers

Last weekend (June 17th) Sam and I met up with some people from the Agape group from our church (younger adults out of college or in post-grad). We met at a putt-putt & go-kart place, and we played some putt-putt golf (which we cut short because it was hot), and then we did the go-karts. I would've won, but Sean (on the far right) works for Bosch, and he gets to drive cars on test tracks as part of his job.

After go-karting, we headed over to Culver's. Evidentally people from Wisconsin LOVE Culver's, and Laina (2nd from the right) lived in Wisconsin. I've been there before, but never really liked the food. What I've found is the food is just there to legitamize getting their frozen custard, which was pretty good. Yum!

Practicing for the big day

I'm just practicing how to "kiss the bride" when we get married. I want to make sure the kiss sticks, you know?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lakeshore Park

Over Memorial Day Sam & I went with her parents to Lakeshore Park on Lake Michigan, evidentally a place they went while dating. The park is located around Saugatuck (sp?)/ Hollandish. You park on the back side of the dune, walk up a ton of stairs to the top of the dune, and then down the dune again to the beach. This picture is taken from the very top of one of the dunes (we illegally climbed on the dune itself- don't do it kids! Dune erosion is serious!) looking south along the shore line.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bachelor & -ette Parties

Sam & I both had our bachelorette and bachelor parties on the 9th of June. Sam brought a camera along, Ben knew better than to incriminate himself. However, my parents stopped by in the middle of the festivities, so I suppose there wasn't much to keep secret.

Sam went out to Goodnight Gracie, a martini & jazz bar. They have several martinis which Sam loves. They then went over to the Full Moon, and back to Goodnight Gracie.

My party started out with beer pong & World Cup 2006 in the morning, followed by a break of beach volleyball & soccer. We then went to The Black Rose, Taps, O'Toole's, and finally the Margarita Grille.

Both made it through okay without incident. :)

The Gumby Incident

This is mainly for Mark. Not too long after we left Chicago, Sam received a cryptic email from an anonymous source with the following text:

Subject: Your Little Green Friend (Gumby that is...)

Looks like your little green friend hasn't been as secure as you might like to think. You really think that he's untouchable? Let me tell you something about Gumby: He has no backbone. He'll say he's your friend, appear to bend over backwards for you, but the next person that comes along will manipulate him to do exactly as they desire.

Consider this a warning! Gumby could be taken again at any time! You must leave a large cash deposit of $40,000 at the corner of Clark & Addison to secure your (and Gumby's) future. Any tricky business will result in Gumby being turned into Gumbo!

You think we're joking? Check these pictures out:
Drop off your goods by the time you depart for H-town. Oh...you think we don't know a little bit about you? WE DO! MWAA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Thank you.

It also had a link to the following page: Photobucket- "Itzamystery"

Two more Cubbies games...two more losses :(

Sam and I had tickets to a Cubs game on Sunday, May 28 vs. the Atlanta Braves. Sam's friend from high school, NJR, wrote Sam to tell her that he had extra tickets for the Saturday game if we wanted to go both days. We didn't hesitate long.

Unfortunately, the Cubs lost both games. On Saturday is was ATL 2, CHC 1.

Sunday was really hot. We walked to Wrigley from Mark's apartment on Rush & Elm (which we had done twice before) and it was unbearably hot. We stopped multiple times for water, a frappiccino, and then at the Sports Authority just because it was air conditioned. The Cubs were losing at the end of the 8th inning 8-12, so we left, since we were hot and sticky. We took the L back to Mark's, and when Sam checked her phone (she gets Cubs updates automatically texted to her), the Cubs had tied it up in the 9th. They ended up losing 13-12 though in the 11th inning, so we didn't feel like we had missed much.

I'm a slacker

OK, OK, I haven't posted here in a long time. School was ending, a wedding is in the process of being organized, and I'm a bit of a slacker.

I'm back though, and I'll try to keep this up at least a little bit. :)