Monday, April 17, 2006

Sam Enjoying Her Burger


(Note the sweet potato fries)

Post-Lenten Meals

Sam and I decided to give up pork and beef for Lent this year. In the past we've both given up things which haven't really been sacrifices, so this year we picked something that would be more difficult to give up. We decided on red meat. Sam told me that pork was red meat despite my argument that pork is "The Other White Meat."

By the end of lent, we were really ready to have a big juicy burger, so tonight we went out to Dan's, a local pub in Saline that has really good burgers.

As you can see, it was tasty!!

So Much To Say

So I haven't been keeping up lately...I guess I've been busy.

I'll try to update you all on the recent events, since there certainly have been plenty of them.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

100 DAYS!!!

For those of you who might not be keeping track quite as closely, there are exactly 100 days until Sam and I get married! WOO!! When we first got engaged it seemed like the wedding was a loooooong time away, and now we're getting dangerously close!

Some other fun facts for those of you who haven't been keeping the tallies:

Days since our first date- 439

Days we dated before we were engaged- 195 (when you know, you know!)

Days we've been engaged- 244

Percent of our relationship we've been engaged- 55.6 as of today

Days we'll have been together on our wedding day- 539

Percent of our relationship we'll have been engaged on the wedding day- 63.8

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Another pre-wedding milestone was passed today:
We started our ballroom dancing classes at a new studio that opened on Washtenaw. There was a special coupon in the paper for 8 lessons for $40, so Sam and I decided it would probably be better to at least look like we had some semblance of knowng how to dance. Sam's parents are also taking with us.

Tonight we just did basic steps for the foxtrot. Sam's wearing her wedding shoes so she is comfortable dancing with them, but she found out that they're not that comfortable. We're hoping they'll break in a bit before the wedding...

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

So...Guess What? Big News!

At the start of 1st hour, just as I was finishing going over a couple things with my class as they were continuing their work on their projects, Tom the principal came in. Now and then he'll stop by, either to ask a quick question or talk to a student for one reason or another. Once I was done I asked Tom if he wanted anything. He said, "Thought you'd like to know, but last night the board voted to grant you tenure." "Shouldn't I have been there?"
It turns out that he didn't realize they were going to do it until soon before the meeting. I guess it was originally slated to go to a vote at the next board meeting in two weeks. I personally was clueless that it was coming up so quickly. I knew it would be voted on at the end of this year, but who knew it would happen now? Not me obviously. I was really expecting a little more of a process than what it actually was. Oh well...I'll take it!!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Late Nights (and early mornings) at Key Club Convention

It always tends to be a late night at Key Club Convention. They don't give us a break in the morning either. Breakfast is from 7 to 8 in the morning...I guess I'll be tired. The way I see it, Key Club Convention is all a big April Fool's joke. The actual point of the convention is to elect a new board of directors for the state level of Key Club. The process they go through to do this is the formal method prescribed by Robert's Rules of Order. It's really boring. It takes forever. So that's where things get tricky. The convention is set up so they have a dance at night after the boring part and fun events during part of the day on Saturday before they bore us to death again on Saturday evening. The whole idea is to make the kids forget there's the whole really boring part in it at all.

Unfortunately the dances aren't all that great for me, so it really isn't that exciting of a weekend for me (plus they make you dress up all the time...err). The kids do like it though, so I guess I can't complain too much...