Monday, July 24, 2006

The Thursday Before the Wedding

Thursday (July 13th) we were both a little tired from running out to the airport late to pick up Mindi (Sam's matron of honor).

We decorated the church with swags of tuiling and white lights along the side. We thought it would take 90 minutes or so, but it ended up taking 4. Oh well, it looked great at the end!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We're Married!!!!

We're married!! July 15th! WOOO!!!

I'll update more with some pictures and stuff as I have time. We're very happy and loving our 3rd day of marriage...

Here we are on the limo bus in between the ceremony and the reception.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Currently Reading...

Now for the update: I'm about halfway through the next book on my summer reading list. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

I'll give you what I thought once I'm done with it, so far I like it. I received over 2000 pages in books as gifts for Christmas, and have only read about 300 so far. I have a lot of reading to get done before next Christmas...

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Blue Like Jazz

Time for the reading update!!

This one is a little overdue...I had been reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller for quite awhile. With the wedding planning and the school year happening concurrently, I didn't get too much time to read.

This book is a series of separate but connected reflective essays on Faith & Christianity. I haven't been a big of a reader of "Christian" books, but I loved this one. He gives emphatic, caring, loving, and socially & environmentally just depictions of what it is to be a Christian. This book offers a view of Christianity that I had known I believed in, yet hadn't fleshed out my thoughts on deeply. It reflects a Christianity largly unseen- perhaps largly unpracticed- by the general population. It has great characters (Tony the Beat Poet, Andrew the Protester, Mark the Cussing Pastor) and a flowing style of writing that kept me interested (something many "mainstream" Christian books haven't done). It's a book that made me want to go out and be a better person.

My advice: Read it! If you want to borrow it, I'll let you once Sam's done with it. But I'll want it back so I can read it again.

Monday, July 3, 2006

The Whitmore Lake Fireworks Show

The Whitmore Lake Fireworks Show this year could be summed up in one word: Really??

The show lasted 30 minutes or so, but each firework was separated by a long pause. The "grande finale" lasted 5 seconds and consisted of maybe 8 fireworks. (The grand finale is pictured to the right). It has been much better in past years. Maybe they should think about a good 15 minute show instead of a slow 30 minutes. The kids we were watching the fireworks with were getting bored because the show was too slow.

Hopefully they're better next year!

Thanks to Sandi & the Klump Krew for inviting us over to watch the show! It was fun even though the fireworks show was kinda a dud.

Sunset over Whitmore Lake

Sam and I spent most of Saturday in Bay City finishing the seating arrangements for the wedding. We left in time to make it to Whitmore Lake to watch the fireworks show over the lake. We went to Sandi's (a teacher I work with) house on the lake to watch the show.

The scene pictured is 9:40 or so looking over Whitmore Lake. Nice!